This week has been quite stressful… very much looking forward to the weekend.




Managed to meet this week's hectic animation deadlines on time (hurray!) and get everything over to the editor; but it's been another exhausting week… by lunchtime today I could have used a nice long nap.

lunch was great in the end, despite it not featuring any sleeping


"What is that?"

"What is that?"

Happy iPad

I've been working on a SUPER TOP SECRET project lately, part of which involves animating applications running on the iPad and iPhone… this is one of the happier drawings from very early on.

Happy iPad
There were other iPad sketches, much more miserable ones… but I can't find them now


Beginning with a Retrospective

This is my first proper post on this blog, which I am hoping to keep updated with images and perhaps explanations of the various things I draw (in secret) whilst I'm at work. The aim of it is just to keep a little record of those drawings done during the course of the projects I've worked on, which often reflect moments of anger, despair or joy.

Though mostly anger and despair.

I would post more than three but no one is reading this and I just happen to like these three images, so I can more or less just do whatever I like. So, here they are, the three pictures…

Blu Tack Hate
This one is a little bloke made of BluTack, he hates you apparently.

This one is about being bored, though the grammar might be wrong. 

New Camera!
this one got featured on some chaps fancy blog about stuff, if I find a link I'll post it.